Quality in Parenting

Making quality in parenting calls for some fundamental understanding and abilities in the industry of parenting. Having a good qualitative criterion in parenting needs unique skill and also ability to nurture people from childhood to their adult years where they could be a replica of your true identity as a moms and dad as well as makes you a shining example.

Excellent feasible parents do not drop from heaven, neither were they required to a special school of study in parenting, yet they are the individuals that took their time to construct their residences and also the lives of their kids. They are individuals that understand the concepts of parenting and work in the direction of it earnestly as well as accordingly, against all probabilities.

Parenting is not simply an act of delivering and also raising kids, however a fine art of making sure that those kids become responsible in the society and satisfy their function in life.

In our culture today, we have dads and mothers whose significant duties is to give birth and also ask God or Federal government to take care of their children. Additionally we have solitary daddies as well as mommies, dormant fathers or non-residential dads and also untrustworthy mommies. These set of individuals can not be called parent considering that parents are individuals that remains together guaranteeing the welfare of their kids are complied with and discharge their adult responsibilities appropriately. We have couple of people that can be called parent in our culture today.

The act of parenting which should be called “parental studies” must be consisted of in our Educational curricular where folks can be shown on qualitative good manners of parenting.


Parents are the Sheppard who nurtures and also care for the gift of God in marital relationship. Parenting symbolizes the duties of parents at a due time, making sure performance, efficiency, persistence and discipline that are characterized with a charitable life that can influence their youngsters positively. Marital relationship is about vision while parenting is a business. Parenting is not simply an act of giving birth or child bearing, yet a fine art of taking complete duties of the family needs and requirements i.e. eating, caring, training, education, shelter and so forth. Parenting simply implies, meeting the purpose of youngster bearing in its complete capacity through nurturing, caring, tutoring, caring and discipline.

Something extraordinary situations do happens in the family which might have not been envisaged or readied for, however it’s a reality that every household need to experience some degree of challenges in life.

It is noticeable that of us have something to say concerning our past, like those days where we were told to place our tummy level on the floor while hungry. We are trained to spoil with hardship and also suffering as component of the process to greatness in life which we must not go to the street to beg, also if you try to do so, you will certainly be rapidly caught and also be attacked to faint. Nowadays, parents don’t care much for their kids; even some of them understands absolutely nothing concerning the events of their kids since they are not always possible.

Children are not meant to merely be born, expand and also take care of their parents, children are to be nurtured, coached, encouraged to be excellent ambassadors of their household as well as their culture, likewise to be responsible to themselves, to the culture and also their parents.

Kids are the financial investment of satisfaction, from the beginning you keep buying them, train them, show them, educate them and give them all it takes to be fantastic in life which is their inheritance in life. In the process of these, it cost moms and dads a number of money and time just before a youngster can be individually practical to care for him/her.

By now, the moms and dad could have aged where you could now be proud of your youngsters achievements and factor hand unto them as your true son or daughters. The child has to have been established prior to coming back to bless the parent. The economic pressure provided kids by their moms and dads without being properly set up adds to the hazard we located in our culture today where corruption, crime and also unlawful activities that results in social destruction as well as instability in all industries of our national life.

Having understood these as moms and dads, as well as understand the economic condition/situation of the country, do we still have to bring to life children we can not cater for? The youngsters we can not educate, nurtured, tutored, and also equips financially, materially, morally and educationally will undoubtedly become threat in the society.

It’s of adult neglect if a moms and dad fell short to prepare his family members, numbers of youngsters that can be catered for and always work to satisfy the required demands of the family members.


A parent is a name of persons in this business of parenting at its full ability. As parenting is an art of cleaning children to achievement with the offered time and also resources, consequently parent is a word of an individual or someone in the position of cleaning the seed of life with the procedure of formation right into a responsible adult.

Parent as a name has no connection with irresponsibility where a reckless individual can be called a parent; a parent is an individual that releases his/her responsibilities in the direction of his/her kids appropriately.

We have two significant kinds of parents, they are

1. VISIONARY PARENTS: These are the people with distinguished characters and perspective to training as well as upbringing of their youngsters. They are the people with sound mind and also sensible skill of brushing their children.

They are loaded-ed with vision for their kids and also petitions in order to make their children excellent in life. They typically have interpersonal connection with their children and also lead as good examples for their children emulate.

They are friends to their kids, they plan for them as well as for the entire family, they manage the readily available resources as well as consistently offered for their children.

Visionary moms and dads make certain that their children get standard requirements with care and afterwards support them in Godly manners. They plan the varieties of children they can cater for and also plan for their future. They like their children all together and show them like without difference, they provides their kids the needed self-control in order not to transgress and also encourage them to be effective in life, in fact they are role models to their youngsters.

2. NON-VISIONARY PARENTS: These are the set of individuals that does not have qualitative good manners of parenting. Their marriages are generally based upon laid-back connection and also their children run out union. They displays same personalities they had just before their union; they do not have the capability to discharge their primary responsibilities as well as obligations in your home and also for their youngsters. They drink liquor heavily, some indistinctly. They talks out of order, they breaks ethical precepts as well as the guideline of good behavior. They still take part in extra-marital affairs and give birth to unidentified children and bastards. They do not have moral standard, occasionally very uninformed regarding the economic climate; they are viewers in life as well as callous big-headed. They are illiterate or enlightened uninformed without any sound judgment of social obligations, they have no plan for their youngsters however enjoy to consume from their youngsters’s sweat, and also they love to have varieties of youngsters which they could not cater for.

They generally get rid of the unique gifts as well as capabilities in their children; they ignorantly shackle their children, they constantly enable the society to educate their children while their youngsters come to be issues to the culture. They constantly relies on other individuals to supervise their youngsters and also deal with them, in some cases they educate their children base upon social agreement.

They burn as well as eruptive moms and dads that develops unfriendly ambience at home, they induces trembling for kids and develops concern and anxiety in the life of their kids.

These sorts of moms and dads deny their children from being terrific and expose their kids to societal menace as well as destruction.

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