Parenting Suggestion – When You Should Not Get Your Youngster a Mobile phone

More and more parents are getting cell phones for their kids today. As technology progresses, there are many new tools we need to make our lives easier for parent and also child. However, it is very important to understand when you should not get your child a cell phone. When it concerns parenting tips, you should know that you don’t require to do something just because “everyone else is doing it”.

Children as young as 8 and 9 years old are perambulating with cell phones today and there are some dangers lurking behind that pretty phone that you could not even understand about. Here are some reasons why you may wish to think twice before giving your child a cell phone:

They may run up an expensive bill

Access to the Internet or other things you do not want them to access

They might communicate with friends at inappropriate times

It could interfere with school and also homework

Encourages addiction to modern technology

Disrupts family time or parent-child time together

Many teens today are practicing a harmful activity called “sexting” and sending sexually explicit content via mobile phone

Many children use cellular phone to assure moms and dads they are “fine” when they might not truly be where they claim they are

Cell phones offer several parents an untrue protection that their children are OK when they might not be where you think they are

Of golf course there are some situations when a phone may be really convenient to have. Is your child riding their bike to a pal’s house a number of blocks away? Maybe you and your teenager broke off in the shopping center as well as you need to call them regarding where to meet back up. While there are situations where a cellular phone could possibly help, this doesn’t indicate you need to provide your kid their very own phone.

One option might be to have a separate “family phone” on your plan or a prepaid phone that you can pass around the children or other member of the family when needed so you can communicate. After it has actually been made use of for that scenario, your kid provides it back to you for safe keeping once more.

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