Parenting Pointer For Households That Do not Celebrate Xmas – A Jewish Point of view

Not every person celebrates Christmas. Although it is a national holiday in the US, there are many individuals who do not celebrate this holiday. As a parent, exactly how do you take care of the questions and also situations that come up when your child asks “why do my friends celebrate Christmas as well as we do not?” Here are some parenting ideas for family members who don’t celebrate Christmas.

As a Jewish parent I find it specifically annoying that many people feel that Chanukah is a “Jewish Xmas”. Chanukah has nothing to do with Xmas. Chanukah is the party of keeping the light of our faith alive and passing it to more youthful generations. Jewish moms and dads should develop a love of faith within their children and also you could explain to them that Xmas is a Christian vacation. Take this time to assist them comprehend that you understand just how the media buzz around Christmas time could have made points puzzling for them, however there are numerous people who do not celebrate Xmas.

Christmas is an excellent time to discuss diversity with your children. It is a magnificent time to reaffirm your family’s beliefs as well as values with them. Let your children know how you feel about this religious holiday being a national holiday and take a good look at all of the media hype around it. You can discuss if it is really a religious holiday anymore, or has it become a retail holiday like Mother’s Day.

You can also take this time around for tzedakah (charity), and provide those in need. If a financial gift is not possible, you can always help at an interfaith food bank or soup kitchen. Using this time off from school and work for the purpose of helping and providing to the bad is one way that you can show your children the best ways to make this moment special while holding to your religious beliefs. If you take place to be in Brooklyn NY, view if Masbia is open as well as donate time serving meals.

Just how do you prepare your youngsters to deal with inquiries from Christian friends regarding why your family does not celebrate Christmas. This could be difficult. Several of these children can be down appropriate rude. I can not tell you how many times Christian youngsters try to proselytize non-Christians with their faith. Dealing with this can be difficult. Discuss to your youngsters that this is just how these kids were increased as well as they do not understand that they are being discourteous. Showing them tact and also ways to reply to these concerns nicely is a skill that you must provide them. You can show them through your words and activities how to address this situation. We run into the parents of these children socially, so setting an example is important.

Using the above suggestions for families who do not celebrate Christmas should assist your children comprehend the variety of mankind and perhaps teach them a little tolerance for those who are various.

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